200hr YTT Certificate Requirements:

🌿Perfect attendance minus 1 freebie for each 100hr course OR all makeup work completed (see absence policies below)
🌿5 hours minimum teaching under lead teacher’s direct supervision
🌿5 hours minimum teaching outside of classroom hours, without the lead teacher OR 5 hours minimum observing peer instructors – written evaluation required
🌿Book report on one of the books assigned for each 100hr. class — refer to your Wild Temple Yoga training manual for book report instructions, found in the back
🌿All homework assignments completed

500hr YTT Certificate Requirements:

Same as 200hr certificate requirements plus:
🌿A written test covering the scope of the trainings, a complete review of the Tantra Hatha Yoga of The Wild Temple School.
🌿Student must have a dedicated practice including meditation and mantra japa. Student must show proficiency and understanding of the scope of Tantric teachings and how to apply them in life. Students are not required to become teachers or therapists to receive certification.

Absence Policies:

🌿1 class may be missed without any need for makeup.
🌿If two or more classes are missed, in order to receive certification, the student must purchase the class recordings and provide a thorough transcription/summary of the day’s lecture(s) and topic(s) taught. The students must also do the master class practice at home and draw it out in doodle form. All makeup work must be turned in to Brooke or the class assistant, preferably by or before the course end date. In extenuating circumstances, students can take up to one year from the course end date to complete the certification requirement work. 
Please note: Student’s are responsible for keeping track of missed classes and makeup work. Be proactive!
🌿Students who miss half or more classes must repeat the whole program in order to receive certification. (Repeat students receive a discount of half off the program price.)

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Once you pay, you will receive the course test,.
Along with the test you must turn in a 1hr video of them teaching.
Application fee is $125