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An introduction to the world of plants,
herbalism + Tantric yoga.


An intimate connection with the earth and herbs,
as beings of ever unfolding mystery
and delight, provides us with a sense of enchantment quite necessary to the life of the soul.

Have you ever wondered about (or longed for) a deeper connection between
the yoga & meditation practice and plants, food or herbs?

Did you know that some herbs have incredible abilities to strengthen your lungs for better breathing (pranayama)? And some plants can be used to prevent indigestion or fatigue so that you actually feel good enough to physically practice yoga.

There are plants to help you steady your mind so that meditation becomes easier and you drop into a supreme zone of bliss. Pretty incredible right? 

The start of a new year is the perfect time to
dive more fully into the practices, rituals and
daily self care you can do to feel your best!

I'd love to share this FREE mini e-book with you from the Yogis Apothecary where I discuss what has been missing from our yoga and tantra practices here in the West for too long.

You can download this article by filling in the form below, and learn more about the magic to be found in our offering!

xo Brooke

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I’ve created The Yogi’s Apothecary offering from my heart to nourish you, and help you deepen your connection to the practices that help you feel your best both on the mat and in the kitchen. We’re so excited to include self study nectar lectures + kitchen alchemy, which will be ready and in your inbox by the first week of January.

To help us slowly drop into the new year with newfound renewal. It feels so much better than one of those flat resolutions, right?

The Yogis Apothecary fuses my deep love of nature with the power of tantra - in a manner that is edible to the senses. We’ll be learning how to work with the senses and nature as not only gateways for connection, but as flows of shakti that potentize the experience of transformation.

Are you ready?

We’re ready for you...

Brooke Sullivan has supported hundreds (maybe thousands) of people on their yogic journeys with the plants for over 20 years. She is the founder of The Yogi’s Apothecary + Tantric Herbalism, a Yoga Therapist, the Director of the Wild Temple + Level 2 teacher of Shakti School.

A dedicated belly laugher and practitioner of Sri Vidya Tantra, she leads apprenticeships, yoga teacher trainings & flower essence certification courses through The Wild Temple School of Yoga + Herbal Wisdom.

She currently lives, meditates with the plants and performs Tantric fire ceremonies to support Nature, the plants and ancestors of the land in the beautiful valley that was formerly the ceremonial site of the Eastern Band of Cherokee, Asheville, NC. 


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