Uttara Vasti

Womb Bathing

By Mother Maya


The Inca saw caves and their moist, dripping interiors-the source of rivers and lakes-as the womb of the earth that sends forth creation. The entrance to the cave is honored as the vagina of the Earth Mother [Pachamama], and the walls of the cave as the uterine flow that delivers life-giving fluids. -from Spiritual Bathing, Healing Rituals and Traditions from Around the World (Arvigo & Epstein)


Uttara: Womb, cosmos, or “that which holds things”


-revitalizes entire womb/reproductive system

-helps balance hormones 

-assists in repositioning the uterus (postpartum, multipara)

-assists breast tissue function and lymph flow (great therapy for breast cancer)

-helps clear and decongest pelvic stagnation; leucorrhea, yeast infections, bacterial infections, malodor (smelly yoni), dryness

-balances menses: amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, cramping

-good for cleansing herbal bolus remnants

-brings balance to the lunar energies within/connection to nature (bleeding on the new moon, ovulating on the full moon)

-menopause (continue UV for 5-7 yrs, or until 60 years old to ensure balanced hormones and spicy love life)

-birth control

-STDS, endometriosis



 Begin UV one or two days after the new moon (not on the day of the new moon) if aligning with lunar energies

 Begin UV a couple of days after menstruating, every other day (for 3 days total)   ex: finish bleeding on Friday, do UV Monday/Wednesday/Friday

*in a double boiler, bring herbs to a boil and simmer (make yoni tea)..let cool to yoni temperature

*strain into a teapot and carry the teapot to your bathtub

*create a womb-like environment in your bathroom; lay a folded towel at the end of the tub opposite to the drain 

*Place the teapot nearby and perhaps some coconut oil

*Fill the douche bag with your yoni tea and smear some coconut oil onto the tube

*Insert gently and breathe deep while releasing the tea into your womb

*You may want to lift your bottom to “catch” the tea for a few moments and then release to let it all flow out, or just let it flow, baybee

*Enjoy the peaceful attentiveness your yoni tea brings to your womb

*Massage your belly gently with love, when done, or relax in a warm bath with some essential oils (or any sediment left over from the tea), or lay in a cozy warm bed and journal about what comes up for you…


More Details

*the first 2 days after new moon are the most potent

*best times are after sunrise/sunset (around 7-8am/pm)

*try to do UV within the first 8 days of new moon energies

*A Sattvic diet is best on UV therapy days (easy to digest, etc..)

*Prepare body/mind for the therapy by massaging womb/belly with yummy oils, light candles, play nice music, warm bathroom, lay a folded towel at the tip of the tub

*It is best to allow time for resting afterwards, even if therapy is done in the morning (drink tea, read a book)

*wait for 4 months postpartum, 3 months after miscarriage or if breast feeding, wait one year before resuming Uttara Vasti



-immediately after eating

-after an enema/purgation/diarrhea/hemorrage/fibroids

-too young, or aged

-the night of the new moon

-during menstruation/immediately after (wait a couple of days)

-ovarian/uterine cancers should seek advice from Ayurvedic physician


**Additional herbs for UV therapy, Yoni Tea: Roses, Ashwagandha, Comfrey, Aloe, False Unicorn Root, Pipsissewa, Uva Ursi, Red Raspberry, Yarrow, Mugwort, Thyme, Rosemary, Lavender


References: Ayurveda Secrets of Healing & Women’s Power to Heal Through Inner Medicine (Mother Maya)