The Wild Temple School of Yoga + Herbal Wisdom is a Yoga and Herbal School registered with the International Registry of Yoga Alliance and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. It offers Teacher Training Programs, Retreats, Online Programs (through Yoga International), The Sage Yoga Program (200+ 500RYS), Grassroots & Community Herbalist Certification, The Sage Medicine Series (Yoga of Herbalism) & Flower Essence Training.

Yoga Teacher Training Certification:

Sage Yoga Program: Certification through Yoga Alliance: The Sage Yoga Program offers 100-hour immersions, with specialized topics of focus & different levels of practice. Sage Roots is the foundational 200-hour (First Tier) taken in 2 100hr. immersions, and gives an in depth & solid foundation for the teachings of Tantra Yoga, Ayurveda, Classical Yoga & Herbalism. The Sage Roots tier empowers the student to make positive lifestyle changes, along with the development of a consistent home practice & connection to community. Sage Wisdom is the second tier of programs that build upon the first, or upon a person’s previous yoga/meditation studies, that can be taken to reach a 500hr+ level of Certification. These immersion programs are home based out of Northern California, however are also offered in retreat settings globally. Please sign up for our Newsletter to receive updates on where our programs are landing!

Who The Sage Yoga Program Is For: The Sage Program is designed both for the person wanting to deepen their own skill of practice and knowledge and for those desiring to become a dedicated and skillful yoga teacher in the living lineage of the Himalayan Sages of Sri Vidya Tantra and Vitalist Herbalism. Anyone with an interest may join, however in order to be prepared for the second tier of studies, it is required to have taken the first tier or have received a 200hr. Certification (or equivalent time in dedicated yoga/meditation studies) through another program. Please feel free to contact Brooke or our office, and discuss which program is best for you.

Sage Yoga Program Immersions, Offered in Rotation:

1 Yoga + Ayurveda

2 Yoga + Tantra

3 Prana + Shakti

4 Tantra + Shakti

5 Alchemy + Kundalini

Extra Programs

6. Fire & Alchemy: A Mystic Path

7. Sage Women: Devi Sadhana

8. Sage Medicine: The Yoga of Herbalism