Wild Celtic Essences

- A Year of Flowers+Lore

with Brooke Shannon Sullivan

It is a beautiful and rare treat to be anywhere in the world and still have access to the power of the Emerald Isle. In this upcoming offering, we will be doing this by bringing into your life the plants of Ireland, and through them, connect to the spirit of the land. Whether you are of Celtic descent or just interested in the healing potential of this sacred land of pure waters and the mysterious Fae, our journey with the flowers of Ireland may be perfect for you. 

Each month of this year long mentorship will be dedicated to one particular Wild Celtic Essence, along with Celtic teachings that harmonize, support and inspire the journey. The wildness is in the innate spirit of each plant, nourished by the elements. Each has a force of wisdom, healing and evolutionary power ready to assist us. This full cycle program is a spiral path that will take you on your own healing journey. It aims to help soothe and clear the debris that blocks you from your full, vital life while elevating your consciousness, and helping you find the truths that lie behind the veil.

Come circle with Brooke, a Tantric Herbalist of Irish descent, and the plants for this mystical and heart-nourishing journey with the flowers.

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Visiting the Cliffs of Moher  - The Wild Temple's Ireland retreat

Receive 12 Wild Irish Essences and a Celtic teaching, inspiration or practice to study, journal, meditate and dream with. Each Essence is made with local high quality Irish Whiskey as preservative, and the waters from specific holy wells Of Ireland.

We gather via Zoom 4x throughout the year for you to check in with the group, share your reflections and receive more insights direct from Brooke. There is also a Private forum in the online learning portal for us to connect.

Each flower will bring new experiences and insights that will connect you deeper to your wholeness and unique life path, while working reflectively in a group will offer more depth in your experience. The spaciousness of our container can become a sanctuary for busy people seeking connection and change in more simple, time effective ways.

Who is this for?
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This program is for yogis and people on a spiritual path, health path, goal-oriented path of finding their True Nature and Life Purpose.

If you have a curiosity and passion for the magic in life as well as a desire to be more empowered around your own health (and by health I mean physical, mental and spiritual!) - this is for you.

Connect to the Flowers, receive the Celtic wisdom.


Snapshot of the first 4 months of the program...

January: Reclaiming the Nemeton: Sacred Space Activation

In January we will begin to dream together, to create a sacred space for our time in a manner that fills us with nurturance, safety, and space for preparing our year ahead. Working with an essence that is dedicated to self reclamation, we begin empowered, a beginning dedicated to making whole our sovereignty, a lovely way to start the new year. In each month, you will be given a few home practices alongside the essence, to help you release other people’s energies from yours. 

  • Journal reflections

  • Mother Remedy #1

  • First Live call: Welcome & IMBOLC activation.

February: Healing the toxic masculine and the toxic feminine. Healing “Octopus Fingers” + the results of having sex boundaries exploited

This is a time to remember our sacred vessel, our power center and to cleanse HER of any cobwebs, shame, ugliness, feelings of crazy or guilt so that we can feel SAFE. We work with a massive plant that breathes vital life force energy to us, in tender and yet deep, cleansing pulses that teach us that healing the vital organs, tissues, muscles and skin of our second chakra is necessary for us to be powerful and radiate out into the world. We work with this ally to help us melt whatever is blocking us from our power and passion, and to assist us in reclaiming our wholeness. From the inner sanctum of our wombs back into the world, this medicine is for honoring the flow of the Divine Feminine sourced in ALL BODIES.

March: Unpacking the flowering of our emotions

In this month’s journey, we work with a very beautiful plant that aims to help us backpack through our emotional layers, to access our joy and to release emotional congestion that often results in dis-ease in the body. In some methods of healing, we feel a release of old, unwanted energies and a sort of “composting” or giving back to the mountains, the seas, the oceans (our earth). With other methods of healing the release has an upwards movement, moving through our heart and out into the world via vocal or creative expression. This plant, similar to revealing the many layers of treasures/sediment one finds when digging a hole very deep, brings support for the release of the buried emotions that give rise to the release, (upwards or downwards) that frees one to feel nourished, free, and that the body is a joyful treasure-house of easefully flowing emotions.

April: Fortifying Initiations: Taking in Balance + Expressing with Graceful Flow

In our Dionysian culture of so much to enjoy as well as so much to do, we often get tangled in a manner that prevents ease of flow, or a cog in transitions from one thing to the next. We take on too much which causes stress, illness, indigestion and inflammation (at the psychospiritual AND physical levels) and the sweetness of life dissipates or is erratic. Our boundaries become broken and what we take vs what we give moves out of balance. Working with this ancient plant that was considered to be one of the three sacred plants of the Druids, we will discover for ourselves, how to be fortified in a manner that establishes healthy boundaries, clear expression, elemental and lifestyle balance. We will also work with this plant as an ally in honoring each of our phases of growth- the little and big deaths, the little and big births, as celebrations worthy of honoring the fullness of life.

Gain intuitive awareness of the Green Language
and receive the heart of Mother Earth into your world.

The opportunity to share this mentorship experience with Brooke and the other program participants will exponentially enrich your path of personal growth.

Dates & Times for the 4x Live Mentorship calls in 2022 TBD.

All classes will be recorded & available in the online learning portal.

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Wild Celtic Essences 2022:

A Year of Flowers + Lore


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