The Wild Temple School of Yoga + Herbal Wisdom offers certification classes

in Yoga, Tantric Herbalism and Flower Essence Therapy.

tilizing both ancient and cutting-edge education, we offer the aspiring professional a place to advance + deepen their knowledge and skill base. Each program is geared also, towards the students receiving the guidance and practices - from the fundamentals to advanced studies - for their own self-transformation, empowerment, and reclaiming the sacred in earthly connections.




Due to the varied levels of applicants, we do interview interested students to make sure you are appropriately assigned to the right level of study. We have three main departments of study; classes can be taken separately in time or as a whole.

For those on the path of a yoga teacher or herbal practitioner, we offer the practicum, theory, skills, clinical mentorships and certifications for students to become certified through The Wild Temple School and for yoga, registered worldwide through the International Registry of Yoga Alliance at the 200hr and 500hr levels.

Connection to Nature + Retreats

A most unique aspect of this school
is that many of our classes + programs are out “in the field” in beautiful locations and in highly charged areas of the world. We aim to bring a deep connection to nature and all of its mysteries, into the lives of our students. For example:

  • Yoga Classes: If the weather is beautiful, we often take the lecture or practicum portion of our yoga programs to comfortable places in nature, such as in groves, flower farms, or along the inspire freedom and connection to the elements while studying.
  • Herbal + Flower Essence Classes: Our herbal and flower essence programs also include getting out into nature for sensory connection.
  • Workshops: We offer workshop immersions in places such as Mt. Shasta & Yosemite National Park to give students access to these powerful sites while practicing and studying teachings that parallel the activation of these sites’ deep + profound healing.
  • Retreats: For years we have been bringing people to India and Ireland, to harness the depth only a retreat can bring. These have always been profoundly rich and delectable, led by Brooke who has wonderful hosts abroad and is also a seasoned travel agent for groups.

Unique to our school, we receive private tours of Terra Flora Gardens, the home of the Flower Essence Society and its founders. Here students of The Wild Temple get an insider’s peek into the magic of the Flower Essence Repertoire’s authors Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz.

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The Wild Temple School is perfect for:

Spiritual Seekers
If depth is what you’re looking for, and a systematic, yet spiral path to lead you to your spiritual destination, you have found it. We don’t blast dogma. We teach you practices that unleash the dormant potential from within and all around you-aka spiritual potency-with embodied experience. This path is for you if you are ready to claim your spiritual mastery.

Yogis + Meditators
Tantra is considered the Mother of yoga and ayurveda, and it offers a full spectrum of practices and techniques based on what one’s desire is-as well as destiny. So if you are seeking to understand what authentic Yoga and classical Tantra are really all about, and the myriad techniques (Asana, Pranayama, Kriya, Bandha, Nidra, Meditation, Mantra + Spiritual Herbalism), comprehensive systems and step-by-step methodologies of how to practice to make it useful in your life... whether for personal use or as a teacher/healer...this is the school for YOU. (Oh my this could be edited!)

Community Healers
These folks are seeking the stability and grace to be a force of clarity, strength, peace and support for others. In the wild temple community we begin with self-care, laced with the intention of loving self transformation. This is our foundation and starting point. When we heal ourselves, we heal outside of ourselves and when we glow with health, we inspire others to seek the same. In our time together we employ a myriad of tools and techniques from the tantric yogis apothecary. This will enable you to shine like the badass healer your community needs.

Leaders + Visionaries
Whether dormant or active, the results of moving through the Wild Temple School is more clarity around purpose, the courage to step into one’s power, the capacity to think outside of the box and the strength of heart to lead the way for others. One of the definitions of Tantra is “to expand beyond one’s limitations.” If you have a leader or visionary inside of you needing support or needing to be birthed, you have found the right place.

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