Tantra Shakti In India

Transformation.   Clear Perception.   Connection.   Wisdom.

On many levels we are accelerating, moving forward, changing lifestyle habits and expanding our perceptions. Belief systems handed down to us through our families, friends and personal experiences are taking a watery shift, morphing into new feelings, old feelings, a range of sensations and expanded views. The changes we are undergoing as a human race on our dear Gaia are creating a necessary restructuring of the balance of the elements within and around us. With balance we can attain clear perception. It is imperative that we awaken to what is going on inside of us, as this is the best teacher and guide for our own healing & transformation.

3 Things that keep us centered amidst change are: 

1. Understanding how and what is needed to ground us (personally) in the center of change
2. Opening to new ways of communication, relation & support
3. Connecting with devotion to our Source(s).

The Mother Science of Tantra:

This is the focus of our retreat in February 2016, establishing practices based on the Mother Wisdom & Essence of Tantra. Giving yourself the time and space to healYourself is one of the best activators for healing on our planet, as what you bring to your family and communities will ripple more balance, clarity and positive action.

Each day of our Tantra Shakti and Vital Essences Immersion, we devote time to practices that have been passed down from the sages. Deep nourishment with colorful & delicious meals & the loving guidance of the tour leaders and teachers, will offer the support (and container) to go deep into the Science and Spirit of Tantra. Please join us this February, for an experience of a lifetime. Haridwar, India Feb 8-18th. Deposit now as space is limited! Sign Me Up! or click here for More Info Please!

In love, Brooke

More About Tantra:

Tantra is the path of acceleration, a science of life that teaches (in methodology and embodied practice) an awakening to That Which Supports and Guides Us. It helps us to access our internal and eternal wisdom. Tantra is a spiritual path of connection and grace, supporting the individual in a continuing connection to what is true for them. The beauty of Tantra is that it is not religious, yet supports those on the religious path as well as the scientific & spiritual path. Methodologies handed down are rooted in both science and a tradition that draws from over 5,000 years of human experience, passed down lovingly from teacher to student. The practices help to guide one to deepen one’s connection to Source, no matter what one’s personal beliefs. They also offer the courage and the perseverance to be a pillar in one’s own life.