“The Wild Temple is a shining gem in a very small town. A community of like-minded, wholesome people who are looking to make deep connections. The Wild temple School has brought me the knowledge to walk the earth with confidence and self-awareness. One of the main focuses of these rich teachings is “sukham and sthira,” or steadiness and ease. I have come to know that having these attributes as teacher will bring your students closer to comfort. The Wild Temple School has given me a solid foundation to share my knowledge of yoga with others. It has given me the confidence to teach, and the awareness to guide others deeper. I highly recommend all of the programs this school has to offer. And the director, Brooke Sullivan, illuminates every person she comes into contact with. She will give you a window into the infinite depths of your mind, body and soul.”
– J. Dyer, Nevada City, CA Wild Temple Yoga 2017-2018

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“No matter how I feel when I come to your classes, afterward… I glow!”
– A. Madeiros, Auburn, CA, Drop In Classes at Kinfolk Yoga, 2017


“Brooke and The Wild Temple School have given me an anchor into the world that I have been seeking all my life. The teachings that Brooke shares in all aspects of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Herbalism are rich in the nectar of ancient wisdom and truth, providing a sacred container for the ultimate transformation of self. This beautiful co-creative haven of learning has given me a guiding light on the path of understanding how I walk and express my creative individuality in the world and in my community as well as the tools to walk in alignment with my highest self.”

– C. Craft, Nevada City, CA, Wild Temple Yoga YTT, 2017


“The japa mantra practice given to me by Brooke has been supporting me in navigating complex messy situations in my life in a profoundly new, beautiful, and heart-centered way.”
– A. Cerino, Grass Valley, CA, Mantra Study Mini Series, 2017

Abby Cerino wild temple california yoga healing women's circle grass valley


“I had an astounding time on the retreat! I felt completely comfortable being surrounded by such a warm, open-minded and encouraging group. Brooke is incredibly down-to-earth and served a remarkable balance between adding light in the form of silliness and laughter and an impressive sharing of knowledge of not only yoga and meditation but of herbalism. I left holding new knowledge in vast ways and would honestly not change a thing about Brooke’s style of teaching and the balance of education and exploration as we experienced.”
– S. Khan, Philadelphia, PA, Lumen Natura & Mystic Path of Fire Ireland Yoga Retreat, 2017


“The Deep level and profound knowledge I have gained from Brooke over the last year has changed my life. I have had amazing insights. The way that she delivers this ancient wisdom of tantra and yoga wrapped and intertwined with herbal and plant knowledge. It is a beautiful delivery with her funky Flair. 
I am incredibly grateful to have found Wild Temple Yoga, having seen it intertwine with my own talents and schooling, into a usable form. Before I started studying with Brooke, I did not know how to keep all my tools and skills in the ‘same toolbox’. I had different skill sets and knowledge for different needs when a client or friend would ask for help. This schooling has taught me a beautiful weaving of all my gifts to offer in service to the world. I have found clarification on my path and the next steps in creating a flow and form of how I can offer all my knowledge.
I look forward to continuing studying with Brooke as she has helped my personal practice improve through all the tools we’ve learned, I’ve become stronger and able to do more Asana poses that I have previously ever been able to do. I enjoy the beautiful balance of Asanas, breathwork, meditation, mantra, study of The Vedas and lecture time on different important teachings. I feel very supported in the sangha (community) she creates. I feel she has a humble way of offering the sage wisdom in a digestible way. Deep deep gratitude f
or having found Wild Temple Yoga.”
– K. Rose, Santa Rosa, CA, Prana Shakti 100hr, 2016


“For Years I have been making myself numb, even though I’m even surrounded by beauty living in Hawaii. The orphan boys and the experience at the Maha Mrityunjaya Temple really woke me up, and I was able to feel pure joy.”
– J. Bolt, Maui, HI, The Vital Essences India Yoga Retreat, 2016


“The orphan boys of Shiva Temple – their innocence and purity – connected me to the humanity of Haridwar.”
– D. Small, Cincinnati, OH, The Vital Essences India Yoga Retreat, 2016


“Revisiting my yoga practice through Wild Temple Yoga has helped form a foundation of understanding and knowledge. I did not have the awareness, or ‘toolkit’ of different Asana’s to call upon for my personal practice, and was unaware what profound knowledge this is bringing to my personal practice. Generic Yoga classes were not serving my body, as my hips and over flexibility which had caused me to stop taking Bikram Yoga were not addressing my body and needs specifically. I came to study with Brooke because I needed to find a reason to create certain sequences and know why and what effect this is creating. Thank you for the forward folds, laterals, finding my own way to create two hours practices that actually restore prana and balance. Thank you for bringing empowerment and awareness. The weekly tea that draws herbs from the season and defines to us what to be participating in with the seasonal plants and what healings are available at that time. Studying with various Master teachers in this field. There has been so much in this program around the Yoga; Cultivating a vibrant life practice thru the body filling the mind and heart into the Wisdom of our connectedness. Thank you for sharing the strength of your life practice with us.”
– Alexis, Nevada City, CA, Wild Temple Yoga YTT, 2015


“Amazing…what a magical blend of yoga and herbalism! You are such a gifted teacher!”
– Christina A, Honeyroot Women’s Embodiment Retreat, 2014


“My favorite part was the plants and the storytelling…I have never experienced anything like this before.”
– River Guide Michael, Rapid Transformations: A Tantric White Water Journey, 2014


“Brooke’s classes come from the heart and really resonate with me. I met Brooke in 2012 while on retreat in NC. I have severe Asthma and was having a rough year. I went to her workshop “Essence of Immunity” and was amazed by her knowledge of Herbs and Yoga. Her class was different than any I had ever taken and I walked away with a newfound sense of calm and strength. I practiced the Ojas building sequence she taught daily for two months and took the Vital Body tincture as well. I have not had an Asthma flair in the 7 months since, and have made it through two of my worst times of the year. She has also influenced my teaching style greatly. Brooke is an amazing teacher!”
– K. Crenshaw, Knoxville, TN, 2014


“If you haven’t received the benefit of Brooke’s teaching first hand, I strongly recommend attending her classes! She is a masterful teacher, grounded in personal experience and wise beyond her years. She truly embodies the wisdom of the ancient yogic teachings.”
– Daisy Marquis, Guest Faculty for The Wild Temple, Master Energy Healer, Founder of The Shanti School in Asheville, NC


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