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The Sri Sukta is composed of sixteen mantras invoking the Divine Mother Sri, from whom the entire universe emanates, and who is the source of beauty, auspiciousness, abundance, and prosperity of all kinds.

Individually, the mantras have specific application in sadhana; collectively, they are recited for nurturing and supporting our spiritual and worldly endeavors.

This collection of mantras is extremely beneficial for practitioners of the Sri Vidya lineage as well as for those interested in working with sound vibrations to heal mind, body and the effects of human toll on Mother Nature.


This practice is a cornerstone of Sri Vidya Tantra, tapping us into understanding how to heal our fractured, hungry, suppressed and fragile world. If you are ready to fill yourself with prosperity and attunement to the glories of nature, please join me in this very special study of Sri Sukta. I have been doing this practice since 2015, and am in love with it. I wish to share with you so that we can all be seeds for a better future.

The book to order is Sri Sukta: Tantra of Inner Prosperity.
If you click the link you will meet my teacher, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, a lovely man filled with wisdom and joy. We also have a PDF translation to share with you (in case you do not have the book) + recordings of the mantra (slow and fast) for you to learn.

Sri Sukta Reflections, my experiences...

When I first started to notice the benefits and the effects of this ancient mantric practice from the Rg Veda-the Sri Sukta- what I noticed was that my plants were more lush. I’m talking about my house plants, which had a tendency to die on me or at least fade into half lives that I would sadly watch and not understand or know what to do to help them. I am a survival of the fittest (or a slack caregiver) when it comes to having to take care of plants.

But it was only a few months after a dedicated practice of this mantra that I truly noticed, that ALL of my house plants were becoming more vibrant and alive, and seemed to be very happy.

I too, was excited to take care of them, and for the first time actually enjoyed watering them, which typically I wasn’t so fond of. I loved doing everything else for them like pinch off the dead parts and move them around for better light, but somehow I always begrudged them the regular healthy dose of water they craved.


So perhaps if I was really honest with you, it was not just noticing that my plants were lush, it was noticing that something inside of me shifted. I was caring about watering them on a more regular basis, and enjoying a bit more, the act of doing so. It was as you may know, a “chore” that to me felt as similar as having to go to the post office, pay a bill or fill the car with gas. Tedious, monotonous chores.

However in my continuation of practice, I noticed an increasing appreciation for their being in my house. I suppose somewhere within me felt we had a contractual or transactional relationship. They looked good and I kept them alive. But what this practice was revealing to me, was that my house plants, just as alive as the outdoor wild plants that I love, were in a relationship with me.

They not only related to me, but they reflected my thoughts and my actions, as well as my ability (and interest) in loving and nurturing myself.

I gave them a half version of me. And they give me an on par half vital version of them (due mainly to my lack of care in giving of course). It was really that simple.

I felt myself become aware of this very simple, yet profound realization, immediately understanding one part of the essence of what archetypal Lakshmi is about. You see, being an American and of a Western mind makes the learning curve slightly longer for folks who didn’t grow up with these awesome icons.


The practice of Sri Sukta taught me from the very beginning, the importance of relationships. It actually was “the caring” within the relationships (and all forms of relationships) that was the key to life. And by key I mean the means to unlock all of the goals that we strive for. Or perhaps this caring in all relationships idea just was the key to my own personal fulfillment in life?? 

My small mind doesn’t fully know at the moment.

Anyway, my practice first revealed this understanding of plants. And then more recently, an understanding of the importance of being sensitive. We often get to a point in our lives where sensitivity feels like weakness or vulnerability. This may be true, depending on the circumstances.

But there are all different kinds of sensitivity. There is a sensitivity that makes you vulnerable, there is a sensitivity that makes you weak, and there is a sensitivity that strengthens your ability to connect to another. It is this sensitivity that allows you to build a positive relationship between you and the other.

I find this is a strong pillar in how I mentor my students. It is very important to build sensitivity in order to understand the spirit of plants, and the particular soul that is working with a particular plant. It is very important to build sensitivity in order to understand Prana - Prana is the key to life and the gateway to health.

So please join me for this delectable study of the Sri Sukta. Let it unleash the aspects within you that are disconnected from life or yourself. Let it nurture you so that you too, can nurture and care for the planet and others.


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