Sage Wisdom:
Tantra Yoga
Online 500hr YTT

Live Classes:

January 13 - June 9, 2021
12-6PM ET / 9AM-3PM PST

+ Monthly Weekend Workshops

Sage Wisdom:
Tantra Yoga
Online 500hr YTT

Live Classes:

January 13 - June 9, 2021
12-6PM ET / 9AM-3PM PST

+ Monthly Weekend Workshops

Deepen your Wisdom

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"The Wild Temple School has brought me the knowledge to walk the earth with confidence and self-awareness. One of the main focuses of these rich teachings is “sukham and sthira,” or steadiness and ease. I have come to know that having these attributes as a teacher will bring your students closer to comfort."
~J. Dyer, Nevada City, CA  2017-2018


Join this unique opportunity to receive deep and vast teachings of Sri Vidya Tantra Yoga, in the potent form of an Apprenticeship.

The 500hr is our Advanced program ~ SAGE WISDOM ~ that builds on the 200hr program called Sage Roots (or another 200hr program).



Tantra Yoga is ancient yet highly appropriate for our current times. It helps us build new foundations of strength, clarity, love and freedom. It guides us into knowing Who we are, what our purpose is and how to have better relations with All Beings - including Mother Earth.

As we listen, learn and grow together, we follow the loving guidance of the Sages to weave the world anew - from the living temple within to reach outwards to the heart of everyone we touch.

The Sage Wisdom Apprenticeship allows students from all over the world to come together in community to learn timeless, ancient wisdom from the comfort and ease of their own homes. Additional workshops and in person retreats will be available in the future, for those who have completed the apprenticeship. This will ensure opportunity for more advanced studies while deepening our connection as a community.

Our Sage Apprenticeship offers personal and group guidance that supports each individual in their understanding, practice and application of authentic Tantra Yoga.

The time we spend together goes well beyond just intellectual knowledge. It offers deep embodiment, personal inquiry and support as each person transforms into a better version of themselves.


  • The Science of Energy (Prana)
  • The Diagnostics of Energetic Sequencing
  • The Alchemy of the Sages
  • The Many Forms of Power in Tantra (Shakti)
  • The Maha Devis (Goddesses of the Tradition)
  • The 4 Soul Desires (Purushcharthas)
  • Pleasure as A Portal
  • Kundalini Awakening
  • The Anatomy of Mind
  • Blueprint of the Soul
  • Power of Immunity (Ojas Shakti)
  • Strength in Luminosity (Tejas Shakti)
  • Activating Awakening (Prana Shakti)
  • The Power of Self (Atma Shakti) 
  • Enlightened Sleep
  • Guru Parampara: Giving Back to Community


The Level 2: Sage Wisdom Apprenticeship is a certified program, whereupon completion, one can take a final exam to apply as a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500hr. level with Yoga Alliance. Certification with YA is not a requirement to join this apprenticeship. Detailed breakdown of certification requirements are listed here.


It is through study, dedication and practice that we become masters in a field. Studying in an apprenticeship format is a highly valuable means of learning, especially when one has found the right teacher for them.

The Sage Apprenticeship path is a journey of practice carried from the heart and hands of thousands of years of master teachers of the Sri Vidya Tantra Himalayan Tradition. This path of the "baby Sage" is to learn the methodologies that carry this empowering wisdom into the hands and hearts of future generations.

Brooke Sullivan is a dedicated practitioner of the Himalayan Sage Tradition. She is a senior teacher of Tantra Yoga, a certified Yoga Therapist, Flower Essence Practitioner and Tantric Herbalist. She is the director and lead teacher of The Wild Temple school, and main guide for you, as the Apprentice.

The Sage Roots Apprenticeship is taught mostly by Brooke with additional guest teachers that are experts in their fields. These teachers come from diverse backgrounds & cultures to uphold our high standards in connecting to & learning from diversity.

~ From Mystery to Mastery ~
The Sage Apprenticeship
Level 2: Sage Wisdom

January 13 - June 9, 2021
+ Monthly weekend workshops

Online via Zoom conference call

Join this unique, intimate 6-month online Apprenticeship as we dive into:

Techniques: The Tantric Toolbox

Energy: Landscape of Prana

Protection: Elementals + The Goddess

Expansion: Tapping Into Your Unlimited Potential

Integration: Elevating Higher Mind + Will

Power: Empower with Will, Knowledge + Action

Awaken: The Serpent’s Rise

Parampara: Give Back to the Community/Skill in Action


During the training, students will be required to fulfill a community service project (Dharma Project). This will comprise 40-50 hours and will be an offering of the student's unique skills and interests, to meet community needs. The student's Dharma Project will be expected to benefit under-served people and communities, and will be paired with a discussion of the unique experiences existing in different communities. It may include:

Outline + review of the focused intention

Hours of research + preparation

Mentorship support

Marketing + Business support (if applicable) 

Implementation of the Project

Review + Feedback


  1. The Practice of The Yoga Sutra by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait
  2. Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Swami Muktibodhananda
  3. Yoga & Psychotherapy by Swami Rama, Swami Ajaya and Dr. Rudolph Ballentine
  4. Power of Mantra and the Mystery of Initiation by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait
  5. Aghora II: Kundalini by Robert Svoboda
  6. My Grandmother’s Hands by Resmaa Menakem
  7. Program Manuals: Sent as a PDF, please print 

Weekend Workshop dates:

Saturday Jan 30, 12-6PM EST

Saturday Feb 27, 12-6PM EST

Saturday March 27, 12-6PM EST

Saturday April 24, 12-6PM EST

Saturday May 8, 12-6PM EST
Sunday May 9, 12-6PM EST

Saturday June 5, 12-6PM EST
Sunday June 6, 12-6PM EST

Standard enrollment: $3200
Deposit to hold your place:



Program manuals sent as a PDF (Please Print: We highly recommend having them printed with a clear cover front sheet, a hard backing and spiral bound. )

*Bodies of Culture (BIPOC) partial scholarships available!
Click HERE to apply.*


Listen to a testimonial from Tutku - a previous 500hr SAGE WISDOM graduate

"I am incredibly grateful to have found Wild Temple Yoga, having seen it intertwine with my own talents and schooling, into a usable form. Before I started studying with Brooke, I did not know how to keep all my tools and skills in the 'same toolbox'.

I had different skill sets and knowledge for different needs when a client or friend would ask for help. This schooling  has taught me a beautiful weaving of all my gifts to offer in service to the world. I have found clarification on my path and the next steps in creating a flow and form of how I can offer all my knowledge.

The Deep level and profound knowledge I have gained from Brooke over the last year has changed my life. I have had amazing insights. The way that she delivers this ancient wisdom of tantra and yoga wrapped and intertwined with herbal and plant knowledge - it is a beautiful delivery with her funky Flair."

- K. Rose,
Founder of Trinity Rose Botanicals
Nevada City, CA

More about Wild Temple Yoga…

Wild Temple Yoga is a unique and powerful comprehensible Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) that is offered in 2 Apprenticeships (Foundational and Advanced) each year. Rooted in The Himalayan Sage Sri Vidya Tantra Tradition, Brooke Sullivan, teacher and founder of The Wild Temple School, weaves ancient techniques of living traditions into the modern life and mind. She draws from Yoga Science, Tantric Philosophy, and Botanical Wisdom to provide a profoundly integrative and deep training. The Wild Temple School teaches about love, faith, and power in a non-dogmatic, non-secular format, where interactive discussions are the highlight and students can discover and begin to embody what is True for them. We cover topics such as power, oneness, fear, the monkey mind, dharma (one’s life path), right/wrong, justice, emotional, mental and physical health, transformative wisdom, kundalini awakening, Ayurveda, Sri vidya and Source consciousness.

The practices and course topics are designed to awaken each student’s own empowered self and inner teacher, leading them into successful lives with rich relationships and the strength to shift unhealthy habits with an increased capacity for patience, love, and compassion. The Wild Temple School is dedicated to anyone interested in self-transformation through the yogic path and/or becoming a yoga teacher. Students who join our Apprenticeships, Mentorship Programs and Retreats will be guided deeply, safely, and effectively, towards becoming advanced practitioners, teachers and healers.

For more information on our syllabus, please click HERE.

“Brooke and The Wild Temple School have given me an anchor into the world that I have been seeking all my life.

The teachings that Brooke shares in all aspects of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Herbalism are rich in the nectar of ancient wisdom and truth, providing a sacred container for the ultimate transformation of self.

This beautiful co-creative haven of learning has given me a guiding light on the path of understanding how I walk and express my creative individuality in the world and in my community as well as the tools to walk in alignment with my highest self.”

- C. Craft,
Founder of Vital Mystic LLC
Sonoma, CA

About Brooke...

BA, c-IAYT, e-RYT500 is a yoga therapist, Tantric Herbalist, writer, retreat leader, practitioner and educator of the Science and Philosophy of Sri Vidya (ParaYoga) Tantra. She is the director of The Wild Temple School of Yoga + Herbal Wisdom and lead teacher of a 500+hr traveling yoga teacher training program, Wild Temple Yoga.

An initiate of the Himalayan Sages, her passion is to empower and to embody the sacred in all aspects of life and her mission is to empower people… sometimes even, radically… to step into their highest, healthiest most powerful selves.

Brooke’s dedication to yoga and the healing arts has been cultivated with 20 years of experience in yoga, Ayurveda, herbalism, vitalism, vibrational healing (flower essences, homeopathy, Tibetan Energy Healing), midwifery and holistic woman care as well as cultivating the art of self care while traveling internationally.

She has a deep and driving desire to understand and connect to the beauty and joy in all life and in all people while being inspired and inspiring others in  the mystical wisdom traditions that light all hearts.

If you are seeking an Advanced Tantra Yoga experience to enhance your tools of resilience & wisdom and to step into your life's purpose, Register now.

Sage Wisdom Apprenticeship
Tantra Yoga 500hr. YTT certification.

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Sage Wisdom 2021:
500hr YTT


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