"My experience in this course was really deep. I loved it!

After taking the 'Yoga of Ayurveda' module, this course brought me deeper and I can feel the shifts that have occurred over the time of both courses - magical. ❤Roots of Tantra (100hr) exceeded my expectations."

- R. Thompson, 2018, Grass Valley, CA


"The course was beyond what I expected. I signed up trying to bring more knowledge and structure to my own practice and in the end, realized I didn't need all that! And yet through the course, I have grown up as a person and fed my soul with the incredible vibe, mantras, and beautiful teachings. I learned more about yoga than I could have imagined and I am truly grateful. Brooke's way of teaching is deep and beautiful, thank you."

-  J. Borges, 2018, Brazil


"I really enjoyed Roots of Tantra (100hr). Things really started sinking in on a completely different level."

- K. Rose, 2018, Grass Valley, CA



"I was impressed with the quality of Brooke's teaching, the course manual, the manner in which the subject matter was presented, the course textbook and the asana practices. The quality of the guest instructors was the highest of all."

- A. Behling, 2018, Grass Valley, CA  


"Overall, Roots of Tantra (100hr) exceeded my expectations, especially when we did a million sun salutes with adjustments. The group was beyond amazing and added their own taste & touch to the experience."

- E. Del Castillo, 2018, Grass Valley, CA

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