Rose Plant Spirit Journey

Friday December 13th


Grass Valley, California

Connecting to the Spirit of Plants brings tremendous healing and activation of life force energy to our minds, bodies and Mother Earth. In this full day retreat experience the insight, beauty and nurturance of the Rose.

You ready, wanting, willing to join us??
The space is magical.
Rose is magical.

This awakening can be powerful with the right container and readiness to show up.

Our last journey with Rose will be this December, Venus Day Friday the 13th.

It is my pleasure to offer this weaving of Tantra Yoga, Meditations, Drum Journeys, Green breath + The Wise Being Rose.


The perfect retreat to reset your body, heal and be nourished, and tend to the petals of thoughts that will lead you directly to your heart.
To heal the shadows and claim the shine.


It is time for ancestral healing, relationship healing, and to Claim Your Love For Self.

Who is this for?
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This program is for yogis and people on a spiritual path, health path, goal-oriented path of finding their True Nature and Life Purpose.

If you have a curiosity and passion for the magic of plants as well as a desire to be more empowered around your own health (and by health I mean physical, mental and spiritual!) - this is for you.


This full day retreat will encourage deep relaxation and reset of the nervous system, through a connection with the ancient Spirit of Rose and all of the magic that this plant holds for our planet.

Meet our 50 million year old Ancestor (who is a “they” btw) from the Eocene Epoch.
We have so much to learn from Mother Nature (right??) I hope you know this.

If not, you are missing something juicy and big.


When was the last time you surrendered to the smell of a Rose? Not just taking the pause in your day, but to let it strip you down to your core, to the love essence you truly are?

When was the last time you listened to the subtle knowing of plants?

Never? It may be time for you to listen.


Imagine what can be stripped away when you learn the green language of our most ancient allies. When you learn to See with clear sight and non judgmental goggles.

Together we will experience..

Rose Elixir Fasting

Rose Body Oiling

All Levels Tantra Yoga

Movement + Art 

Rose Meditations 

Rose Anointed Guided Relaxation

Plant Spirit Journeying into Sacred Space

Join us for this delicious Retreat...

Friday 13th December @ 11AM-6PM

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Rose Plant Spirit Journey - Dec 2019
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