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Ooh baby, it is time. We are being called to action–to notice the patterns & grooves that we have become stuck in and really look at the ways in which we live. It is so obvious  that the wounds we are carrying-whether from our own past or cultural wounds-are underlying seeds of a perpetual, nasty, sub & unconscious ‘blame game’ (inaction) and for real, it is time to wake up, rise up, feel and heal.


At a very basic level, our relationships need to be redefined. One surfacing topic I am seeing now with my clients and students is the understanding of and relationship to the masculine and feminine-what that means, what roles these labels play in our lives, how they effect our relationships and how they perpetuate identity crisis. In Yoga & Tantric Philosophy there are symbols to help us understand these energies, giving us a scientific backbone to not take it all so personally, a nice stepping stone to rise up from murky confusion to see & understand more clearly, to eventually take action for positive change.


Solar, or masculine energy is power, drive, motivation, structure and externally oriented. It is the radiance of the sun, luminous and strong. Masculine energy is also represented as Shiva, the steadiness of presence and awareness to act instead of react. It is the container or vessel that guides and holds the power (Shakti) to flow through.


In the Tantric view feminine energy is the force of creation (Shakti) a power that is both wild, chaotic and free. Feminine energy or qualities are also symbolized by the moon, which is luminous, ever changing, reflective and internal.


At the very core of yoga philosophy is the union of these two energies.This brings us not only into balance, but perfection…a soul perfection of total bliss and harmony-and a state of Natural-ness that feels wild & freeing. How can we accomplish this? Well, we can study our relationships. We can reflect on masculine energy, feminine energy, being a woman, being a man and the roles we play unconsciously vs. the conscious action & presence of mind.


Our society has groomed the man to be the powerful provider and the woman to be the passive nurturer. But looking at the ancient symbols of how these energies are defined and related, (sun/moon, shiva/shakti) it is not that cut and dry. Masculine energy can be peaceful and present. Feminine energy can be a force for change. The blend of the two create harmony, support, union and even androgyny. Ultimately, our true nature is not defined by or imprisoned by labels of masculine or feminine…these are just modes of expression and paths of perception.


What needs to be recognized is that both are powerful and both are needed. Both are necessary within an individual, within a household, within a culture and balanced in the world. When one is overtaking the other (masculine in patriarchal society, feminine in matriarchal society) we create an imbalance that blocks us from health, peace and true wisdom. Too much power of either distorts and magnifies the mind into separation and confusion. What is needed is to recognize and heal the wounds first so that the distortions melt away, the blaming ceases, separation decreases. Then we can truly see the forces of energy and play with them instead of being played by them.


Our relationships are trying to teach us this very valuable lesson, which is at the core of why we are here on this earth now. As man, woman or transgender, the energies of masculine and feminine pulse through us and teach us how to relate to our own personal nature and all beings. The awareness that is a result of the healthy unification of both leads to respect and clear communication- necessary for a relationship to thrive. With respect we see the power in the other as equal. Healthy relationships are like bamboo, strong when needed, bendable when necessary…but not breakable.  


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So how can we learn to live together as a family, as community? How can we work together amiably and equally? How can we share our resources with insight and sustainability? Lets redefine our terms so they make sense to us in our personal worldview. Lets blur the lines a bit so we can see better.


We can explore these ideas through self reflection and practice. Plants are also valuable teachers and guides, such as working in the psycho-spiritual realm with flower essences. Calla Lily flower essence is the best to help people who are trying to define or label their identity in a largely masculine/feminine society- where terms such as LGBTQ are feeling more fitting.


Some questions to reflect on: who are you blaming? are you playing a victim? are you handing over your power due to an old construct or pattern? where in your life can you reclaim your power, your inner guidance and wisdom? what is your view of the masculine, of the feminine? do you tend to see the masculine/feminine labels in the best or worst light and what are you going to do about it? what is your True nature?


Remember that our relationships are our biggest mirrors. Each relationship we are in is a teaching, a lesson. Being in a trapped relationship means you are in a trapped in an old paradigm or belief system-which starts inside, not outside of you. Get rid of the old and bring in the new.


Herbal Remedies in the form of Flower Essence Therapy to support the healing of Masculine & Feminine in ourSelves and in our relationships:


Sunflower: Heals our relationship to the Divine Masculine, healing daddy issues and the force within us that shines as radiance, power, and being In the world.

Calla Lily: Integration of the soul qualities of masculine and feminine, rising above and healing confusion around gender and sexuality.

Mariposa Lily: Heals our relationship to the Divine Feminine, healing mommy issues and the Source within and around us that brings us comfort, support and unconditional love.