"Brooke is a wonderful and knowledgeable and generous teacher.
The curriculum is inspiring, challenging and stimulating.
I am excited to further my studies with Brooke and The Wild Temple."
- Etrulia B, 2021.

"I believe that Flower Essence Therapy can be a useful tool for those on a healing journey. From personal experience it has helped me remove energetic and mental blocks.

It has helped me to open doors I may never have opened if it were not for the shift in consciousness. So for that reason alone I feel that the flowers are here to teach us how to live fully in our most authentic expression. To me that speak volumes about the potential of this progressive healing modality."

- E. Emory, 2020.

"I’m hooked for life! I will definitely be continuing to work with flower essences personally, and plan on incorporating them into future career endeavors and sharing this modality with friends and family.

I really enjoyed the process of making the essences myself, and learned so much about the unseen world through this program. I feel drawn to continue deepening my relationship with nature and building sensitivity to the subtle energetic realms.

This course was truly invaluable and a beautiful foundation for my new path with Flower Essences."

- N. Hamilton, 2020.

"You see, with The Wild Temple Plants Drop Wisdom course, you’re not just learning about a hundred different plants and flowers, you’re living it!  You’re taking in different flower essences every week, experiencing the healing power, the transformations within and without your body, your heart, mind, soul, and spirit.
I personally healed so much, while learning so much about this extraordinary plant kingdom.  I am equipped to help others. I can tell them these flower essences are powerful healing tools to awaken the healing mechanisms within us all. I know, because I lived it."
- T.Herzog, 2020.

"I am writing this with a GRATEFUL heart! Brooke is an amazing mentor, with God-given talent to teach and inspire. It was a pleasure to be part of this certification program.

I feel encouraged, enriched and equipped with knowledge to continue with enthusiasm to dive in the vast world of flower essences and to do my part to help people to the best of my abilities."

- Katia, 2021.

"I've had such had such a transformative experience over these past 8 weeks and I can’t wait to share with others the gift and wisdom I have received. I really feel like this course is part of my life path and dharma. I am completing the course to become a Practitioner so I can offer these services in my community.

In Ireland there is not much information available on flower essence therapy and I think once people’s eyes are opened to the healing benefits and they get to experience it it will transform many life’s for the better. "

- S. Duffy, 2020.

"More people than ever have health problems. There has been a significant increase in Digestive issues, Auto-immune diseases, and thyroid problems. A lot of times these health issues stem from emotional issues and unresolved trauma.

I really believe that Flower Essences provide us a way to be more aware of ourselves and our emotions. So that we can release these patterns once and for all. I know they have helped me in this way. They also provide a support system of the flowers that some people really need. Many times psychotherapy is not effective because the issues are talked about but not resolved. This is where Flower Essences can step in to assist with their knowledge."

- L. Smith, 2020.

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