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Podcasts with Amy Branum, our resident Herbalism teacher


Amy talks with Christine Garvin in her series:

Time to Understand Your Hormones, Ladies

  • Is the Ayurvedic diet only vegetarian?
  • What are the 3 doshas all about?
  • How these doshas impact your hormones, including PMS
  • Menopause and what herbs can support this change
  • How to approach and deal with perimenopause
  • What can help with fibroids and ovarian cysts
  • How ignoring our cycles can hurt us




Amy on the LearnSkin podcast: All things Skin + Integrated Dermatology (including Ayurvedic practices for great skin!)



And a conversation with Sama Morningstar from the Womb-Centered Healing podcast where Amy discusses the power of herbal medicine to help fire survivors recover emotionally and physically from the ordeal of losing home and community to wildfire.

Herbal Fire Survivor Recovery



To get in touch with Amy, and for more details about her services, click through to her website: