The Wild Temple's Plants Drop Wisdom Flower Essence Certification course is a next level, progressive study program designed just for YOU, my friend.

Most specifically, it is for anyone on a healing or spiritual path wanting to make huge leaps and bounds in thriving + success in the world, while enhancing good relationships to nature, spirit and to others.

It is also for those curious about flower essences or wanting a Flower Essences Therapy certification. It is designed to educate and assist at the personal as well as professional levels.

We do however follow the motto: Healer Heal Thyself.
So, the path you are beginning must begin with YOU.

Some of the healing that Flower Essences can support:

Animal care, Breaking Co-dependency, Heartbreak, Trauma, Life Purpose, Insomnia, Fear, Deep Loneliness, Sadness, Anxiety, Stress, Courage, Sexuality, Healthy relationships and DREAM TENDING with the flowers!!

Join us this Spring to journey this road of transformation together.

Over the course of 8 weeks, we study the full spectrum of flower essence therapy as well as learn languages, blueprints + methodologies to better understand the wisdom of the plants, human psychology, higher realms of consciousness, nature and the subtle, unseen realms.

Classes cover the topics of Chakra Healing with Flower Essences and include the Vedic Kosha Model for Psychological Application of Flower Essence Therapy.

One of the unique aspects of this course is that it is a hybrid of live group calls with Brooke, allowing for personal connections and mentoring, plus weekly videos, audios + a course manual to learn from at home at your own pace.

Another unique aspect of this course is Brooke's knowledge and comparisons of flower essences with homeopathy, and her experience with the subtle realms coming from the ancient perspectives of the Himalayan sages. She will be sharing with you her personal knowledge of the plants, spanning from almost 2 decades of study + application. She is dedicated to support each student's growth in not only personal and collective healing, but in elevating consciousness for a happier, more fulfilled life.



Each week will include:
Audio and/or video file presentations
Plant meditations + activations
Weekly 1.5hr Live meetings on Zoom
Private group forum for deepening experience + community connection

The course also includes:
A beautiful flower essence manual (e-book or printed gold spiral bound book)
A set of 8 Flower Essences made by Brooke to use during the program

Price for the program: $449 Tuition + $60 Essences starter kit, and taxes.


"As a new Ayurvedic Health Counselor I think that Flower Essence Therapy is going to pair beautifully with the support of Ayurveda.

Since Ayurveda loves to get to the root and into the deeper layers of psyche and emotional healing, I cant think of a more powerful therapy to help support my future clients to move into their own vibrancy and vitalism."  - Chelsa Holtz, 2020 Student.

Listen to Brooke talk Tantric Herbalism with
Katie Silcox on the Ghee Spot podcast

"From the moment I started this program I have not stopped talking about the wisdom of the flowers! I have long been a lover of alternative healing modalities and this program feels like one of the first that has really 'spoken my language'.

Everything shared has been in alignment with my own belief system of true & empowered healing. I can't wait to practice on my own circle (and myself!) and as my confidence grows share it with more and more people.

For me, I want to share & work with clients using a fusion of both intuition & grounded, embodied knowledge. I want to help wake people up (with flowers!) to their own brilliance and power. I hope to be a conduit of this knowledge so that others may realize that no matter where you are at on the path there are always options & new perspectives around healing and that we don't have to wait for crisis to transform and evolve. As you can probably tell I am so excited!

SO MUCH GRATITUDE for your teachings." 💛

- Jerri Rinker, 2020

Throughout this Certification course you will:

  • Build a repertoire of common archetypal remedies in the England + North American Systems; honoring the people who have begun + sustained this work

  • Feel + understand we are working in the realms of the magical, our 6 sensory perceptions + relationships with Nature: seen + unseen

  • Experience a deeper connection with the plants and nature through guided meditations and relaxation techniques.

  • Understand the full range of studying a plant + building a relationship to the plant (plant communication, Green Language)
  • Learn how to paint a portrait, or symptoms picture of a person to match the best remedy (or remedies)

  • Learn how to make the medicines, and how they compare + differ from homeopathic + how best to administer them.

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