Hey there shining ones,

Let me introduce you to a plant you already know:) …as maybe there is a bit here about fennel, that you did not know!

An aromatic kitchen spice beloved since ancient times for its taste, fennel seeds are a pharmacopeia in themselves for all kinds of ailments. Toss a few into warm milk or chai to aid in the digestion of milk’s often difficult to digest components, make a tea infusion for babies and children to alleviate griping and indigestion, eat the shaved roots gently blanched with kale, ginger + carrots for a delectable and soothing dish, and my favorite…just chew on a few seeds when experiencing gas from rich food or after enjoying a meal possibly to indulgence:) Fennel is a savior for us when we want to feel at ease in our bodies and not need to unbutton the top of our pants or avoid socializing due to unpleasant odors coming from our bottoms. (:)


For the Yogis, Check this out!

Fennel’s support in both the digestive system and lungs make it an obvious plant for supporting the physical comforts necessary for yoga. It helps to soothe belly upset, relieves constipation, excess gas + griping, and it increases what the yogis call AGNI (the god of metabolization so to speak) without increasing heat in the body. In other words, fennel is not aggravating to people already too hot, inflamed or agitated-it does the opposite, it soothes. Fennel also clears the respiratory channels for fresh oxygen-and therefore subtle prana-to flow through. For women, fennel is a superb aid in clearing the painful stagnant blocks of the uterus just prior to menstruation. This ease will help alleviate the PMS tension for women to be able to sleep better, relax more during the day and still enjoy restorative yoga and meditation. The cleansing action fennel has on the uterus, colon and lungs is what yogi’s call Apana Vayu.

Strengthening this seat of energy in the body, with herbs that support help us release metabolic waste and the thoughts + emotions associated. In this way, there is room for clear thought and conscious evolution. Fennel as an aromatic as well, has a special affinity for the mind and memory, which lie at the foundation of a yoga practice. Plants that support one’s quality of mind help assist in clearing the obstacles that prevent one from actually doing their practice (whether its meditation, asana, mantra, etc…) and from doing things such as making good choices or repeating unhealthy patterns that diffuse their energy and stray them away from happiness + unique purpose. 

I hope you are enjoying our first month of the New Year! This email is a little gift, an excerpt from my new upcoming program called The Yogi’s Apothecary. If you are interested in more and would like to check out the course, the link is HERE.

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