Tantra Yoga Workshops

With Brooke Sullivan, C-IAYT, e-RYT500 yoga therapist, herbalist

Director of The Wild Temple School of Yoga + Herbal Wisdom



For thousands of years humankind has crafted, with Nature, the phenomenal world for experiencing the fullness of life. Explorations focusing on how to navigate this world have been largely external, meeting not only the crave for personal fulfillment and freedom, but the demands of every day existence. Obstacles on this human-journey include such things as illness, self doubt, limited seeing and useless activity. The practitioners and scientists of the day-the yogis-were able to see the matrix web of this co-creative world and developed systems and methodologies in how best to navigate through them, assisting in dissolving obstacles and reaching goals. These yogis were called Tantrics, and this unique branch of yoga is more than the bastardized view we have of it in the west. The Tantrics wove the teachings of Classical {Raja} Yoga with the Science of Life {Ayurveda} to help people turn inwards and cultivate the Power and Inner Compass needed for a successful life.

These teachings are timeless, ancient and invaluable. There are few people that truly understand the complete picture of this path, and even fewer that practice it. The lineage of the Himalayan Sage Tradition however, is an unbroken lineage {meaning each teacher in an unbroken line of thousands of years} of dedicated practitioners to these teachings, with a mission to share to others who have the capacity, will, readiness and devotion to receive. Brooke is considered a senior teacher of the tradition.



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Below is a range of topics Brooke loves to teach. These are samples  and can be refined or of similar topics more designed for the studio, community or curriculum.


Prana, Pranayama + Prana Vidya

The ancient sages taught that pranayama practices are the key to gathering and focusing the mind. This is not only true, but a necessary practice in the path of yoga. Done wrong or unprepared however, can be dangerous. Pranayama practices require a knowledge of the health and stamina of a body and mind as well as a knowledge of the preparatory practices that lead to ones more advanced. In this workshop, Brooke will share the teachings of Prana Vidya (the Science of Prana), focusing on mild, intermediate and advanced topics (to give a full understanding of the science) as well as the practices that relate: from preparatory to one’s more advanced, depending on the student body.


Elements of Tantra Yoga

Students will learn essential postures & their therapeutic benefits, how to construct personal practices based off of energy + lifestyle and supportive pranayama and meditations techniques for each practice. This course is best suited for folks with already, a foundational understanding of yoga, the postures and love to teach or are wanting to refine their own personal practice for maximum potency.

  • Yoga as a Path to Discover and Align with your Soul Purpose
  • Intro to Breath & the mind
  • Importance of Daily Routine (Dinacharya) + Practice (Sadhana)
  • Energetics of Yoga Sequencing & Practice
  • Yoga and the Doshas
  • Adapting to Environmental and Lifestyle changes; Herbal Support


Igniting the Flame: The Wisdom Center of Sri Vidya Tantra

According to the Charaka Samhita, an ancient text on Ayurveda, and the sages of Tantra and Hatha Yoga, the health of the navel center is the nucleus of our vitality. It is the home of our vital organs, which govern metabolism, digestion, assimilation and transformation. On the subtle level, it houses our Inner Fire. In this workshop we will learn yogic techniques to tone the organs & ignite this center (for all levels), including daily practices and plant therapy for clearing, cleansing and strengthening this wisdom center.


Shakti and the Yogini

Workshop A The Practice: Empowering the Yogini with a practices + techniques to access prana shakti, bringing healing + life force energy to the womb and mind. This workshop is aimed to not only vitalize, but to hold a sacred container for healing trauma in very tender wombs, as well as to reveal the role of Kundalini awakening as it relates to this sacred space. Working with a potent mantra of the Himalayan Sage Tradition to help empower the healing of those who identify as women as well as connect to the Grace of the Feminine can be included. Workshop B Adding in herbs, physical therapy tools and lifestyle support can be a fun adventure that has long lasting support for our path of spiritual awakening. Luscious Oils, Lickables and Uttara Vasti can all help one align to the rhythms of the feminine, or lunar energies whether or not one still menstruates. These are some of the delicious topics we will dive into together, based on Ayurvedic rituals and the ancient art of Herbal Wisdom.


The Power Of Mantra

Be a Rebel. Sit. Connect. Empower.

Mantras are sound vibrations that heal, nurture and connect us to our Source. Like fire, mantras assist us in transforming darkness to light. As healers, they tend to our imbalances in both the physical and subtle realms. For the psyche, they tune our minds for clarity and focus. In community we will chant aloud, for connection with like minded folks and to get the sense of the physical vibration and sanskrit pronunciations. Each session we will open the body, mind and heart with simple and delicious techniques to prepare for the mantra practice. We will also practice ajapa japa,or silent repetition, which harnesses our energy for effectiveness and potency to meditation practice. This class is open to everyone. Sanskrit Mantras welcome all religions, beliefs and practices and are not religious in and of themselves!


The Elements of Prana

This class is invaluable for the seasoned yoga practitioner as well as those who are new to the practice of yoga.  According to the sages, there are 5 energetic ‘seats’ in our body. They are located in specific areas and are correlated to particular organs, yet are comprised of energy, or prana. Called the vayus, they direct our life force in specific ways, such as assisting our ability to let go or perhaps to help give rise to inspiration and passion.

The purpose in understanding and working with the vayus is to bring more awareness and energy to the body and the psyche. Along with asana, pranayama & mudras, a practice with intention on the vayus can have dramatic positive effects, such as immediately bringing a sense of calm, ease, strength and rejuvenation.

  •  Overview of the 5 Vayus and their correlation to physical, emotional, mental & lifestyle imbalances
  • Time tested techniques for strengthening each of the Vayus
  •  A 1 hour practice with asana, banda, mudra and meditation to balance Samana Vayu, the energetic ‘seat’ of assimilation, digestion and transformation


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Examples of Some Yoga And Herbalism Workshops:

For Digestion: The Luminous Navel!

The sages illuminated many techniques and right ways of living to find balance and wholeness life---both physically and spiritually. At the center point of many of these techniques lies a secret of the yogis- that health begins at the navel.

When our bellies are out of whack, our digestion overloaded with fats and sweets, our livers burdened with environmental chemicals, toxic emotions & attitudes...our whole body is affected. IBS, Crohn’s disease, Celiac, food allergies are all results of a weak navel center. When this vital place is out of balance we become irritated, feel sad and depressed, have a loss of inspiration, courage or self esteem and can feel powerless, dull, fearful, anxious and confused.

This workshop is designed to lay the groundwork for how to keep ourselves strong by bringing power and health to our navel center. We discuss yoga postures, techniques + sequencing as well as supportive herbs (of which we get to taste) for keeping your belly luminous!


Yoga And Herbs For Nervous System: Effortless Effort

Embodying the 4 key teachings of Yogasana is essential on the path of yoga, something that often gets misplace or forgotten when a practitioner or teacher. It is that of Prayatna Shaitilya, or effortless effort. In a world that rewards rushing, pushing, striving to every next thing, this can be challenging to any spiritual path. Not only does it effect our lives, pushing us out of balance and into the madness, but it effects our nervous systems-which govern most of how our body operates. We must cultivate space and nurturance to love up the nervous system, in a way that starts with the subtleties of mind and will. Yoga philosophy, lifestyle habit awareness and herbs are some of our best tools to support this ease + reclaim our bodies from stress.


Brooke Sullivan has been teaching the Himalayan Sage Tradition of Sri Vidya Tantra since 2009. Her passion and devotion to the Tantra Yoga path is a wonderful example of what dedicated practice can do for a person’s life, and how householders can be yogins too- without the need to leave it all and study in a cave. The essence of Tantra is Power, and the practices, when done correctly, lead to Empowerment. In these workshops, Brooke guides others in how to set the foundation for one’s personal yogic path, for individual growth as well as to strengthen and support the many out there teaching.


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