Day by Day Itinerary

Dec 1: Arrive in Chennai

Dec 2: Day of Rest & Visit to Beautiful Laxmi Temple on the Beach Evening Train to Kumbakonum

Dec 3: Moon Temple

Dec 4: Mars Temple

Dec 5: Mercury Temple

Dec 6: Jupiter Temple

Dec 7: Venus Temple

Dec 8: Saturn Temple

Dec 9: Sun Temple

Dec 10: Rahu Temple

Dec 11: Ketu Temple

Dec 12: Travel to Pondicherry (4hrs) & Sri Aurobindo’s Ashram

Dec 13: Pondicherry/Auroville Visit a Very Special Ganesha Temple

Dec 14: Travel to Chennai (3hrs); Closing Group Dinner Evening/Early AM departure flights back home


Basic Daily Schedule 

Morning Prayers


Tantric Hatha Yoga Practice

Travel to Temple of the Day

Mantra 108x


Temple Visit

Travel back to apartment

Yantra Painting


Evening Prayers, Rest, Meditation