Ignite Your Dharma

A FREE video series that connects classical Tantric wisdom with flower essences to support your positive soul empowerment.

Over January, February & March last year, Brooke hosted a series of free Live Webinars to guide students in Igniting the fire of Soul Purpose through the wisdom of Tantra Vidya, and also healthily manage this sacred fire with the gracious assistance of Flower Essences.

If you are passionate about the Flowers, and love to receive their healing grace and wisdom, this luscious Activation series is for you!


Information on a range of Flower Essences that dynamically cultivate the Luminous Mind (a teaching of classical Tantra)

Detailed explanation of the emotional & spiritual triggers which indicate the use of each flower.

Guidance on enhancing a powerful connection with nature that supports you in more potent ACTION

Specific examples from case studies where the Flowers have been used to heal & ignite spiritual growth

& so much more!

In the 1st Webinar, we zero in on WILL POWER as an essential component of how we may keep refining and defining a path of unique purpose in this world. Brooke explains the Tantric foundations of this series and how we may use Flower Essences through the Tantric model.

In the 2nd Webinar, we will bring in the theme of CLARITY and explored a range of Flower Essences that support and nurture the Luminous Mind, so necessary to being clear and present to your unique Dharmic path.

And in Webinar #3 we draw together the wisdom gleaned through exploring WILL & CLARITY… channeling all of that sweetness into the burning fire of ACTION - a necessary component of fully realizing a meaningful path in the world.

“Flowers are the Gurus of the Plant Kingdom.

Their unique gift is that they elevate our consciousness; healing our psycho-spiritual emotional issues and enhancing our connection not only to ourselves and others but to Divine Grace.”
- Brooke Sullivan

Definitions of Dharma:

Mainstream View of Dharma: (Path, Career, Duty)

There are periods in our life where we must fulfill a particular duty, or calling such as Parenthood or a manager for a yoga studio. This period may last awhile or may just be a stepping stone into one’s greater dharma.

Yogic View of Dharma = The 4 Desires of Soul  (Soul Purpose)

Support: stability, foundation for outreach/capacity

Work: finances  -  Pleasure: beauty, joy  -  Freedom: ease

This is a Vedic Teaching that supports the soul at every level, is the reason for being and why one’s uniqueness is needed in the world. “Dhar” means support. Our Greater Dharma supports our joy and fulfillment to the fullest, as well as supports the law + order of Nature. Dharma also means intelligence, and when we tap into our true purpose, the intelligence of Nature supports us.

Igniting Soul Purpose with Tantra + Plants

1. The Model of Creation

Triad of Shaktis (Powers)

(Power to Manifest Our Desires)

Iccha: Will  -  Jnana: Clarity  -  Kriya: Action

This model comes from the Tantric story of creation which explains how Source manifests into reality. First there is a desire to create - otherwise known as the will to create. Then the picture, the knowing. Finally the action of birthing that desire into manifestation.  We can use this same model with support from Tantra Yoga + the Plants, in manifesting our dreams (our purpose) into reality.

2. The Gerand Samhita’s

Sun: Will power, Inspiration, Expansion

Moon: Mind, Perception, Clarity

Fire: Path of Awakening, Divine Potential

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