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Fridays, January 24 - March 6


Grass Valley, California

In the early years, women were independent healers and honored as conduits of Nature and Truth. They were revered and sovereign. In the Western tradition, women healers go back through time to the beginning of civilization, and yet it has been in the past few thousand years, that this healing tradition has had to go underground due to: politics, economy, religion and ignorance.

The way of the woman (as human and divine) was affected by a new patriarchal worldview that emerged from a concept of good vs. evil. This presented a fear in the hearts of man, where to gain control over the mysteries and the wild, they began to claim man’s superiority over woman. A thought born out of fear, the movement was instilled by force and continues to flourish (out of suppression + habit) to this day.

This Western cosmology which believes man to be superior to woman also believes that woman is more connected to the Great Mother Earth. Due to this, the Goddess, as the Source of Creation, was replaced by a single Male God, to ensure the population that they were made in His image, not Hers. This gave men confidence and courage, while taking away the confidence, courage and rights of women.

Our nature being female, and the Earth Mother of human civilization also seen as female, links and twines our fates. We see this in how women are treated, which is parallel to the disregard and abuse that Mother Nature endures. Due to these factors and the rising of our collective consciousness, it is imperative to empowering the Divine Feminine (in all bodies) and reclaim HER Sovereignty as important in society, as equal to the masculine. This will help to shatter the illusion that we as Women and Earth as Mother are less than or not as worthy than the masculine. The balance that will be brought when this illusion is shattered, may very well be the saving Grace our civilization needs, to continue as a species on this planet.

Welcome to HerWisdom, a new Yoga Program with Brooke designed for HER.

As women, we pulse into the feeling of the collective expansion, contraction and weaving together of hearts and voices. Our minds but gentle sages directing our intellects to follow the flow of HER – – – where action moves in spiraling waves, as fluid as the moonlight’s reflection on water, as strong as the fierce spikes in the center of Echinacea, as soft as our lambskin rugs and fluffy jackets, as light and as beautiful as the feathers that adorn our hair.

Art by Cosmic Collage

The Thread of Consciousness

The power of the Feminine relates to attributes such as:





These powers support the nurturance of Nature and our Resources. In the realms of healing, these attributes strengthen the curative power of caring and unconditional love. As women, we have a lineage strong in these attributes as well as due to the nature of our capacity to create and nurture life, they are more innate in us.

As we are connected in the web of life to all humans, our strengthening of our capacity of Knowing our Worth and Standing Up for our Value, will shift the world perception into 


We will do this by remembering that these qualities (that have not been lost but have just been place “underground”) are necessary for a healthy future. But we have to remember it first. And then claim our wild sovereignty, in a manner that breaks free from the rules, the boxes and the limited perspectives that have us imprisoned in this darkened illusion. Claiming our Sovereignty will claim our Shakti. When we claim our Shakti, we turn the disempowerment into Power. In order to claim our Shakti we must look into our sacred wound(s). These are what hold the keys to our empowerment.

Welcome to HerWisdom Apprenticeship. Each week we will practice Tantra Yoga with specific themes specialized for the individuals of this particular group. Expect delicious techniques to unravel and empower your feminine body, to remember + reclaim your POWER.

The program runs for 7 weeks and includes 2 private sessions, to better support YOU. 

As Yoginis, our orientation as women is to the collective heart – the Buddha that is sangha. We watch, we play, we feel, we allow HER to rise within us, when we can trust and when we can surrender.

Will you join me to unfold HER in YOU??

We are forming a small, intimate group for a HerWisdom Tantric Apprenticeship. An embodied study of Tantric techniques designed for the female body, Tantric Goddesses and Plant technologies for the health (and activation!!!) of Yoni Power (SHAKTI).

We will meet Fridays 12-4pm as a group, January 24-March 6 (7 weeks) PLUS two Private sessions with me (1x/mon). This course will be organic, feminine flowing and potent...with All the Bells + Whistles. Cost is $600.

Please let us know that you would like to join and when/how you want to make a deposit to hold your space. (Deposit of $250)

This course will also be certified with Yoga Alliance as continuing education. (YACEP).

Art by Cosmic Collage

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January 2020

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We are the fire in the water.
We are the water of the earth.
We are the breath of the wind.
We are the soil of our future.

We are blessed with the task of REMEMBERING.

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