Earth has been blessed with powerful plant allies that assist us in our own transformation. Outside of farms and cultivated plants, many of our green allies grow wild, strong & against all odds such as bursting through sidewalks or emerging out of gravel and dust. These plants replenish our soils & restore sacred footpaths in previously desecrated areas. These plants are also high in nutrients and subtle energy called prana which is extremely valuable in bringing our own bodies and minds into balance.

Plants are ancient-some of the first living beings on our planet. They deserve proper appreciation by learning about them and using them in our daily life. So many people fear nature and nature’s bounty due to the old paradigm of needing to ‘conquer her.’ Its time to connect to and embrace Nature and the plants…for our own well-being as well as for future generations.

Herbal teas, tincture extracts, syrups, oils and spirit medicines are some of the ways to bring plants into our lives. Schedule a consultation with Brooke if you wish to learn how to best incorporate Botanical Therapies into your personal life. See Green Allies Package Below, one of 4 Packages with Brooke Sullivan, Herbal Yogini.

Package 2: Green Allies (Herbal Consultation)

This package is all about plants-no yoga. Using herbs (plants as medicine) for the mind,body and/or soul can dramatically assist a person into wholeness. Depending upon your needs (preventative, acute symptoms or chronic issues) our consultation will revolve around the education of and the preparation for teas, tinctures, oils, and plant therapies specific to your needs. Flower Essence therapy may be introduced for those seeking balance in the mind and psycho-emotional realm. Medicine making tips (as well as nutritional tips) to bring the plants more into your life may be included.


1. Initial consultation: History Intake: Mental/spiritual/physical/emotional (1/1.5 hours)

2. An Herbal Program designed especially for you, and tips on how to ease into your life

3. 1 Vital Yogi Kit (Apothecary)  with individually supportive herbal tinctures, teas,  oils or flower essence blends

4. One 30-45 Minute follow-up session

5. Additional reference tools such as handouts, recommended readings and websites

Total Cost: $250