The Wild Temple School’s founder Brooke Sullivan teaches a Flower Essence Certification Course.

**Next Online Course Begins August 26, 2019**


“Flowers are the Gurus of the Plant Kingdom.

Their unique gift is that they elevate our consciousness – healing our psycho-spiritual emotional issues

and enhancing our connection to Divine Grace.”

– Brooke


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Weekend Itinerary:
Day 1:

Intro to Flower Essences
History from Bach to FES
Bach’s Philosophy 
The 12 Healers 7 Supporters and Second 19
Doctrine of signatures: Patterns in Nature
Plant study outline: Build Your Own Cases
Flower Essence Meditations 
Materia Medica


Day 2: (Brooke)

Vitalism + Vibrational Remedies: Lumen Natura
Flower Field Studies: Making Essences in the Field
Empirical science + Green Language
Flowers for Awakening: Yogic Approach (Sun/Moon/Fire) + FES formulas as Materia Medica 
Sensitive’s and not so sensitives
Personality Types + Dharma Essences


Day 3: (Amy)

Flowers for Healing Materia Medica
Materia Medica of Flowers for each of the Chakras
Materia Medica
Flower Field Studies
Case studies/Case Taking


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Listen to Brooke talk about the 3-day weekend portion of the Flower Essence Certification Course in August 2018.