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Weekly Classes in Grass Valley and Nevada City California

The Sage Apprenticeship: a 5 month 100 hour YA Certified immersion

Wild Temple Retreats: Rapid Transformations, Yoni Shakti  in Amazon

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Past Workshop Series:


March 4-April 8

Devi Puja: Woman’s Healing Circle

at The Puja Room

*includes teas, oils, meditation, body movement, sacred song, satsang*


March 17

Intro To Tantric Hatha Yoga: Wise Sequencing

Most of us have heard that yoga is a means to unify the mind, the body and the breath. However, did you know that the sequence of the practice can determine whether you gain energy, lose energy or create scattered energy (which means a scattered mind)..not just in class but hours or days afterwards?

In this workshop we will do an overview of 4 styles of sequencing to understand the biomechanics of asana-and a basic understanding of when to choose which.

Knowing how to wisely sequence will support your day, your week and your life. We will pick one sequence to practice, which will be audio recorded for your personal use at home. All levels welcome!


April 4-25

The Roots of Yoga: Laying It Down

Wednesdays 9:30-12pm

at The Puja Room

A 4 week series devoted to laying the foundation of yoga. We will overview 4 specific sequences that work toward bringing clarity to the mind, comfort in the body and support in life. This is the first module of the Puja Yoga Series. Please call Brooke 828-280-3744 to register. Class size is 10 max. $108.


The Puja Room 4 Week Series: 

Wednesdaya: 9:30am-12pm

 A new session each month (see below)

The Roots of Yoga (April, Sep 2013) 
The Yoga of Ayurveda (May 2013)
Yoga Energetics: Sculpting a Practice (June 2013)
Intro to Tantra: Earth, Sun, Moon, Fire  (Nov 2013)

Additional Workshops  with Brooke

Intro to Tantric Meditation (spring 2013)
The Yoga and Psychology of Plant Medicine (summer 2013)
Yogini Shakti: Embodying the Goddess (fall 2013)