Plant Study: Fennel

  Hey there shining ones, Let me introduce you to a plant you already know:) maybe there is a bit here about fennel, that you did not know! An…

Plant Study: Calamus

  I would like to introduce you to something amazing. It is the best tool, a most potent weapon, a skillful artist and flirtatious lover. It is Your Voice. One…

Plant Study: Juniper

  Introducing Juniper - Juniperus communis  A sneak peak excerpt from our upcoming Yogi's Apothecary   According to Nicolas Culpeper, there is no better plant than Juniper for releasing wind…

Recipe for Rosehip syrup

rosehip syrup california herbalism herbalist the wild temple brooke sullivan
✨Rosehips✨ A beautiful aspect of being an herbalist, is that the places we travel and get to harvest reward us with the best of souvenirs. Only a few weeks ago…

Amy’s podcast goodies

herbalism california ca grass valley nevada city sacramento ayurveda lasya wellness
  Podcasts with Amy Branum, our resident Herbalism teacher   Amy talks with Christine Garvin in her series: Time to Understand Your Hormones, Ladies Is the Ayurvedic diet only vegetarian?…