I would like to introduce you to something amazing.
It is the best tool, a most potent weapon, a skillful artist and flirtatious lover.
It is Your Voice.
One of the things that I continue to notice as a director of a school, a teacher and retreat leader that gets to travel around the world AND cozy up close into strong, tightly knitted communities, is that how we wield our voice often determines our reality.
We must know when and how to speak up, speak out and hold our tongue when necessary.
The ancient sages knew, that how we use our voice: what it is that we say and how we say it, is a reflection of where our thoughts are, our mind. (Or for some, no mind!)
I have been working with this plant that I wish to share with you today, that is a perfect plant for The Yogi’s Apothecary (plants for the path of yoga!!) and a beloved in the Ayurvedic field. One that has a special affinity (this is called Prabhav, which I feel is similar to a plant’s particular purpose/dharma) for the Voice. It is called Vacha, or Calamus.
A very strong plant, mostly made within formulas for other herbs to dance with, and help curtail its potency, Calamus in my opinion, is a vocal superhero.
Also known as Sweet Flag to the Eclectic Herbalists of the past, or Bitterroot to Native Americans (who have a strong history working with Calamus) it is a strong (and heating) stimulant for enhancing digestion, removing mucous + congestion from sinuses (and other areas of the body), enhancing cognitive function, helping to quell anxiety and offering protection from communicative diseases.
(You will notice here the plant has affinity for more than the voice, but the strengthening of this tool via this plant just happens to be what I want to share about today).
It is often a root that is chewed on (small pieces best as too much can make you puke) or can even be made into a tea, oil for the sinuses (if you don’t know what I mean here please google “nasya oil” and it’s benefits!) and as an essential oil to breathe deeply before public speaking, before writing, meditation or when one needs to do anything that helps memory recall.
It is also again, one to support the power of their voice, which I encourage you to try, as it will strengthen both the sound quality (with the removal of excess mucous/congestion) as well as WHAT AND HOW things are being said—with a decongested, clear, focused, Source-filled higher mind that brings LIGHT to what your heart wants to say.
My preferred method? I love to smell the essential oil. I also love to chew little pieces of the roots. Safe and easy.
Good stuff. I hope you enjoy.
Love, Brooke
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