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Stones of Power in nature….whether at sacred sites in Ireland, India or your own backyard creek, have a penetrating way of pushing the mind towards feeling a Greater Cosmic Essence, whether a pulsation linking you to a mysterious life force, or inner peace. 

As a result of this around the world, and especially in India, many of these stones are called “Linghams”. They are symbols of Divinity – that which cannot be described to take form, except by here in an egg shaped stone. 

The egg shape is the shape our own divinity takes (seen in Kirlian Photography) as our aura. So why not depict the Essence of the Whole of Creation as an elongated, egg shaped stone? A phallus emerging from creation as Pure Conscious landing on Earth!? That is what the Lingham, and the Yoni it rises up from, is about. Shiva/Shakti. I like this simple stone metaphor, though for to me a phallus is too sexy for my mind to still. Hee hee.

It is this symbol that is the focus of tonight’s beloved holy day, Maha Shivaratri, the great night of refuge and peace. 



So I thought to send you two things today : a few photos from sites we have visited during the retreats I have led to both India and Ireland over the past decade, places of these natural and man made representations of Creation. 



The second is a gift : an audio file to link you to the magic of this Essence within… to guide you into tasting what Shivaratri is about attaining – so if you are not Hindu or feeling the pull to do an external ritual today, this is for YOU. In the language of the schools of Tantra, this is the Samaya School, where the only “ritual” is in the inner landscape of your body’s altar and luminous mind.


Meditation : Stones of Power



This would be best done after your personal practice: Asana, Sivasana + Breathing Practices (all of the supports to help pull your mind inwards!)

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