Heart Chakra

Explore Heart nourishment with the Flowers.

Are you drawn to heal, expand + clarify your personal energy with Flower Essences?

Here at the Wild Temple, our passion is exploring spiritual practice with nature.

You will find us practicing yoga & meditation in the woods or by a river, taking our students on local Plant Walks, and including Flower Essences & Herbs in all our programs.

The Flowers offer gentle, yet potent medicine for the soul, helping to cleanse emotional patterns and habits that may have been stuck for years or even generations.

Flower Essences uplift and soothe the subtle bodies: we can learn a lot from Nature's gracious Gurus!

If you have been searching for guidance on how to work with Flower Essences, this Free Video will fill you up with inspiration and offer clear guidance.

Learn to tend to the inner landscape of your Heart with the support of the Flowers...
Broad study of 4 super-powered Flower Essences that heal & support the Heart chakra.

Detailed explanation of the emotional and spiritual triggers that indicate the use of each flower.

Background information on where the plants naturally grow & their unique personalities.
Specific examples from case studies where these Flowers have been used to heal & ignite spiritual growth.

Access the Free Video: 4 Key Flower Essences for Heart Healing

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"Life flows better with a balanced, whole and healthy Heart chakra... with the flowers' assistance we are supported to create this for ourselves.""

Brooke Sullivan,
Director of The Wild Temple
& Program Facilitator

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