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Listen to Brooke’s explanation of the Flower Essence Clinical Mentorship

we are hosting from January – April 2019.



This Clinical Mentorship is designed to support trained practitioners in working with clients as a flower essence therapist. Students can expect 3 hrs/month of mentorship with Brooke Sullivan and Amy Branum either in person or via phone/Zoom video conferencing. Each month, starting at the end of January 2019 we meet as a group with all of the mentors, via distance (Zoom classroom).

For 2 hours per month we will review case studies where students can see the different approaches of the practitioners as well as ask relevant questions to deepen their skills. Students are also welcome to send emails with the subject matter: CASE STUDY for FEC (Flower Essence Clinical) to to submit cases they are interested in having discussed and reviewed.

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For 1 hour per month, the mentor and mentee will meet and discuss private cases the student is working on. In these sessions, students will have already sent their mentors the documented files of their cases for the mentor to have prepared prior to the session. In the session, the mentor will support with additional advice, direction + the best way to move forward with difficulties and questions they may have pertaining to their cases. The sessions can also include business tips in how to better get into the field and market oneself, as well as personal support in thriving more as a flower essence practitioner (you will need to request Brooke as a mentor for this specifically).


You are also welcome to join our NEW Flower Essence Facebook group, where students, mentors, practitioners and other interested people can discuss all things to do with Flower Essences & their incredible healing & regenerative properties.



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Brooke talks about her journey as an herbal yogini and how flower essences have played an important part on this path. Explore the healing powers of Black Cohosh, Aspen, Mariposa Lily, and Yarrow.


“Flowers are the Gurus of the Plant Kingdom.

Their unique gift is that they elevate our consciousness- healing our psycho-spiritual emotional issues

and enhancing our connection to Divine Grace.”

– Brooke


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